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Peg Brush copy.jpg (90222 bytes)PEGBRUSH - Feeding Tube Cleaning Brushes 

( P.E.G. = Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Brushes; G-Tube = Gastrostomy Tube)

Made exclusively by Medical Engineering Laboratory, Feeding Tube Cleaning (P.E.G.) Brushes (Click on picture for larger view) are designed and engineered to especially clean Feeding Tubes while they are still in place without having to replace the tube itself.  Very efficient and safe!  This remarkable brush can also be used for scores of other small applications..., flexible and tough..., designed to get the job done! 


These really work!  Save time and Money!  Nothing could be simpler! 

Key Benefits:

  •  Disposable or Reusable: Can be Sterilized: Autoclaved, Gamma Irradiated and Cold Sterilized.

  •  Cleans Feeding Tube in place: will not harm tube.

  •  No removal or replacement of Feeding Tube necessary or required.

  •  No patient trauma.

  •  Hospital tested--100% accepted!

  •  Fits 18-24 French Feeding Tubes in any length. 


 MEL Feeding Tube Cleaning (P.E.G.) Brushes 
Product # Quantity Price
SP1000 Box of  5 US $39.00
SP2000 Box of 10 US $74.00
SP3000 Box of 15 US $105.00
SP4000 Box of 20 US $139.00

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